Gray Fox Realty was hired to help get this family from the home on the left and into the home on the right.  This is their story.

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Alan & Melissa live in Franklin, TN in the well known Sullivan Farms Subdivision.  The family was ready for a larger home but were hesitant to put their home up for sale as they knew the market was so HOT in Franklin, TN that they just knew their home would sell and they wouldn’t have yet found their new home.  Gray Fox Realty met with Alan and Mel and put their nervousness at ease that we felt confident that we could find them their dream home and could negotiate their offer in light of the fact that their home wasn’t even on the market.  We have data on our side showing that the price of the home they would be selling is more in demand than the house they were buying.  We had found the home of the dreams in short order and we went to work marketing their home and over the course of a weekend we had multiple offers in on their home and we effectively negotiated both contracts with no sale of home contingency so that in this HOT market the sellers could feel comfortable that the deals would all work out.  We even took a back-up offer on their home to ensure that everything would be okay for their family and they would not lose the dream home.  Gray Fox Realty has systems in place to make sure that the buyer’s proceed with the lending process and that their isn’t a problem that pops up later.

From the above video you can see that Al and Mel are excited that they used Gray Fox Realty to sell their home and also to buy their new home.  The decision to us a full service flat fee brokerage vs a 6% listing agreement was one that they are so happy to have made and they want others to know that this is a great service and the savings and the deal is real.

Gray Fox Realty  615-656-8181 helps families in Franklin TN buy and sell homes by being Clever, Resourceful, & Adaptable.