This house located on Polk Place Drive in the Polk Place Subdivision of Franklin TN was marketed and SOLD by Gray Fox Realty.  The sellers did a google web search and found Gray Fox Realty and realized that they had sold a few homes in Polk Place subdivision even.  The initial home consult led to a few items that the seller could touch-up and some painting that could be done to make the home more marketable.  Gray Fox Realty provided access to some vendors to get the work done so the sellers could make a quick move to be closer to family in a time of need.  The marketing was put in place and the pricing strategy for the home was integral to getting offers that met the sellers timeline and financial goals.

The image above shows how much the seller saved because they chose to use Gray Fox Realty vs a 6% listing agreement.  That $13,255 made it easy for the sellers to spend a few bucks making the house more marketable knowing that they were netting a higher amount.   If you are considering selling your home and thought about a For Sale by Owner or a MLS input only model, then you owe it to yourself to learn how Gray Fox Realty is revolutionizing Franklin Real Estate by providing professional photography, in home consults, and full service from listing to closing.  The Gray Fox team is focused on Williamson County at this time and the systems that they leverage afford them the luxury of getting this done efficiently and passing the savings along to the customer.

It doesn’t have to cost 6% to sell your home and get a great price and superior service any longer, call Gray Fox Realty at 615-656-8181.

Gray Fox Realty 615-656-8181 Your full service Flat Fee REALTOR in Franklin, TN.