1832 Barnstaple Lane, Brentwood, TN 37027 SOLD by Gray Fox Realty

This family had two properties in Brentwood that they wanted to sell because they had moved to Hendersonville area. When they looked at the real estate commissions that they would be spending on two properties, they researched and found out about Gray Fox Realty’s Full-Service Flat-Fee Sellers Program. They were all in! They were listing the homes right as the Fed was raising rates and the market was slowing down, or else these homes in Brentwood would have sold very quickly. But we kept up with the market trends and got this first home at 1832 Barnstaple under contract and sold with a commission savings of $41,655 compared to a 6% listing agreement!

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* Client savings based on a 6% listing agreement. In general, commissions can vary.