These past clients of Gray Fox Realty were in a unique situation. Two years ago, we helped them purchase a home that they planned to renovate and move into as empty-nesters (keeping their larger home as they renovated). The renovations took longer than expected and then the pandemic happened, sending their college kids back to the nest, so they were thankful they still had their larger home. Now that their kiddos are back on campus, they have been able to get back on track! It turned out to be great timing since the market is as hot as it is. We priced the home where we thought it would appraise in this market and we marketed it to the fullest. We held showings for a weekend with offers on Monday and with a few offers to choose from, we were able to get them $61,000 over list price with very few contingencies to worry about from a local buyer. They SAVED $28,805* with Gray Fox Realty’s Full-Service Flat-Fee Sellers Program!! And, as you can see in the photo, they are HAPPY CLIENTS!

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* Client savings based on a 6% listing agreement. In general, commissions can vary.