3061 Farmhouse Dr Franklin, TN 37067 SOLD by Gray Fox Realty

400 Watercress Dr Franklin, TN 37064 SOLD* by Gray Fox Realty

This family connected w/ Gray Fox Realty to help them find a specific home in Franklin w/ walkability to downtown Franklin. We promptly made an offer on a home in their dream community but, due to multiple offers, someone else won out. They decided that neighborhood was the one they wanted, so we got to work finding an off-the-market property. One of our past clients came to the rescue w/ a contact; we met w/ them & got it under contract. However, due to the seller’s needs, we could not close on the home until Jan 2022 & this was back in Jan 2021. So, we put the sale of their home on the back burner. We knew the market was hot & that we could try to sell it at the end of the summer w/ a delayed possession until Jan 2022. We listed it in Sept & promptly got an above list price offer at $860,000. We are so happy for this family that saved almost $25K in real estate commissions compared to a 6% listing agreement. GFR got to work & found them their dream home, sold their home for way more than they could have imagined, & got their new home under contract at a Jan 2020 price! All w/ only one move, no double mortgages & no outside companies to add extra expenses!

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* Client savings based on a 6% listing agreement. In general, commissions can vary.