5 Reasons to choose a local REALTOR to buy or sell your home in Franklin, TN



One thing is for sure, there are a lot of REALTORS available in the Nashville metropolitan area to choose from and that number always increases when the real estate market is doing well and the unit volume is up.  However, I would like to offer up 5 reasons to choose LOCAL when selecting a real estate brokerage and a REALTOR to help you buy and sell a home.  First don’t be shy about asking an agent where their home market is and where their office is located and even ask them where most of their sales are taking place.  Many times, you can find this information online about the agent but if you can’t then don’t be afraid to ask, and based on the results be okay with walking away from the relationship to get the best service for you and your family.   The internet makes it easy for someone to pretend to be someone that they are not, so do your homework to get to the facts.


So below I would like to highlight 5 reasons having a local real estate agent in Franklin, TN is in your best interest.


  1. Full Service / Face to Face: Believe it or not but there are real estate firms doing business in Franklin and surrounding cities that are located in Florida, Pennsylvania, or Ohio.  How can those out of state brokers provide you with full service when they do not ever see the house or meet with you in person.  Now these are not the norm but they do exist.  There are also brokerages around Nashville that will claim to provide their services in a huge geographic territory.  That means that they are likely not able to give you full service and attention that you need.   When buying or selling a home in Franklin TN you need an agent that is there for you that can meet with you and counsel you on decisions about the largest investment you will likely make, so choose local.
  2. Live, Work, and Play in the area that you plan to do the same in: When buying a home you want a good home and an agent that can advise professionally on things about the home but you also want knowledge and experiences about the area that you and your family will be in.  When the agent that you choose to work with lives, works and plays in the same area that you want to buy and or sell a home they can offer you insider information.  Where are the great places to eat, how is the traffic on Friday afternoons, what events are really cool and must not be missed in town.  Those things are just better when it is a first-hand account.  When you plan to buy in Franklin you will want an agent that can help you with these details about the area and Gray Fox Realty is local in Franklin.
  3. Working with the actual agent you thought you hired: The current trend in real estate is to establish big marketing teams. That means that the team leader is at the forefront of the marketing and the advertising.  But what that boils down to is they are no longer daily practitioners of real estate but instead only acting in the role of team leader.  They are getting huge sales numbers as they are taking credit for the transactions that their team members conducted and then when you want to hire them you are dealing with a team member instead of the team lead.  It feels like bait and switch and you don’t know how much experience the agent put in charge of your sale or purchase has or where their specific experience comes from.  These teams can generate big revenue and that translates into some really high-end marketing campaigns.  But it does not always translate into the most experienced agent actually working for you through each step of the real estate transaction.  You deserve an agent that is him or herself directly experienced in conducting real estate and get the best of the firm and not just a team member.
  4. Local Experience (codes, taxes, planning and development, etc.): Whether you are buying or selling real estate in Franklin, Tennessee there are always be things that impact the decision to buy or how the home is marketed if selling. A local REALTOR would have more insight on the future planning of roads and infrastructure that are relevant to the buyer and how will that impact marketability of a particular home.   These are just some examples of things that your local REALTOR would have more insight on taxes, schools, future development, traffic, noise concerns, etc.  Many agents can simply pull data but to be in that market daily they have a feel for what is going on and can relay that to clients for their benefit in making decisions.
  5. Efficiency and timing impacts: The market can be quickly moving and sometimes properties go under contract in hours.  How could an agent that has an hour drive to reach a property provide quality and efficient service in those circumstances?  What about coming soon signs that the agent never sees because they never drive the neighborhoods?  The market is currently a Seller’s Market and has been for over 6 years and in those conditions,  it is imperative that you have an agent that can react quickly to appointment requests and to new listings entering the market.  The inventory is low and the good properties need the full attention of the real estate agent to help buyers get their dream home.   As for a listing agent that is far from the actual property in this digital hi-tech environment, well there are still hiccups like lockboxes that have batteries that become weak or keys that are misplaced or any other number of strange things that are not planned for.  How does an agent an hour away help in those times when something falls off of the tracks?


Gray Fox Realty is a real estate brokerage born in Franklin by Joey McCloskey and Mike Grumbles.  Gray Fox Realty is local to Franklin, TN with an office located on 3rd Ave N in downtown.  Both Mike and Joey live, work and play in Franklin and care about the thriving businesses in Franklin.  They both have over 10 years of experience in real estate in Franklin so if you want to talk about how we can help you buy or sell your home in Franklin please reach out to us at 615-656-8181.  Gray Fox Realty has a flat fee listing program to help home owners Keep The Equity when selling their home so learn more about that at http://www.GrayFoxRealty.com