This family understands the value of increasing equity in properties and also for keeping the equity that their property has earned. So much so, that they have made it a routine to build quality homes, live in them, and then to sell them after the two-year timeline to avoid capital gains taxes on the sale. They have been able to enjoy wonderful homes and grow the equity in each subsequent home. Luckily, they now know Gray Fox Realty and how we can help them even further by KEEPING more of that EQUITY instead of paying high real estate commissions. A year ago, Gray Fox Realty listed and sold a home in McDaniel Farms for a client and this family remembered the sign and the success of that sale. When it was time to sell their home, they recalled that successful sale, our memorable yard sign and they called to learn more about Gray Fox Realty. We shared with them our model and they loved it; and right away we got started with the process of selling their house. We sold it promptly, and for $30K over the listed price, as this market tends to do these days. And by utilizing our Full-Service Flat-Fee Sellers Program, they saved $28,655*! You can see from the photo this family was thrilled to be taking the equity into their next home. We enjoyed meeting them and working for them on this sale.

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* Client savings based on a 6% listing agreement. In general, commissions can vary.