4063 Old Light Circle, Arrington, TN 37014 SOLD by Gray Fox Realty

Since we had done such a great job selling the house at 4067 Old Light Circle, those sellers told their neighbors about Gray Fox Realty and, when they were ready to sell, they called us to list and sell their home right next door. The home was already stunning and on a great lot. The sales timing was a few weeks after the market began to slow due to rising inventory and increasing rates. The rates finally backed off a bit and we started getting more showing activity on the house. A price reduction stirred up even more attention and we got it under contract with an agent that we had worked with in the past. Her clients wanted a home close to their children and this was literally just around the corner. We had a quick and easy closing process for this sale. The new buyers needed to sell their home in another state to yield the cash for this sale, so we were diligent about tracking that process. The sellers were happy with the sale at $1,5000,000 and they saved $40,005 in real estate commission (compared to a 6% listing agreement) thanks to our Full-Service Flat-Fee Sellers Program at Gray Fox Realty.

For more information about our Full-Service Flat-Fee Sellers Program call us at (615) 656-8181, email us at info@grayfoxrealty.com or visit www.GrayFoxRealty.com

* Client savings based on a 6% listing agreement. In general, commissions can vary.