Flat Fee Agents save Seller $7,255 in Spring Hill,TN

Smooth sailing are the keywords for the sale of 2904 Pipkin Hills, Spring Hill TN in the Pipkin Hills Subdivision of Williamson County. Gray Fox Realty met the Sellers at the house and performed an in-home consult and a lot like HGTV they gave the sellers some homework. Joey and Mike made a few recommendations to help the sellers brighten up the home and remove furniture. Guess what? The sellers followed the recommendations that resulted in a quick sale of their home.

This family saved $7,255 dollars in selling their home with Gray Fox Realty’s Full Service – Flat Fee selling program. Many times their sellers are able to have more buying power, pay off debt and/or sale the money they didn’t have to pay a real estate brokerage.

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Gray Fox Realty lists homes for $995 and then at closing their is a $395 admin fee and the 3% to compensate the buyer’s agent. If you are interested in learning how you can save thousands selling your home click here and Mike or Joey will get in touch with you to set up your in-home consult.