7409 Riverfront Dr, Nashville, TN 37221 SOLD* by Gray Fox Realty

This family was referred to Gray Fox Realty by a past client, and family member, who we helped sell a home. They were trying to buy a house now in this aggressive seller’s market for about 8 months and getting discouraged as the kept losing out on offers. We counseled with them on what they wanted and, because they were cash buyers, we felt like we could help. We setup a listing search and start talking to other sources to find them a house that met their criteria and one big criteria was TONS Of NATURAL LIGHT. We showed them only 2 homes and the second one was THE ONE and then we went to work constructing an effective offer to get the home. We were successful and the clients were ecstatic to finally be the winning offer after trying for so long. The home sold quickly and we even had leverage in the offer to make this sale a win/win after the inspection was completed. We are so happy for this client and can’t wait to see the renovations and remodel work that they put into this Nashville home.

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