3633 Swanvale Lane, Murfreesboro, TN 37129 SOLD by Gray Fox Realty

This family did a Google search and found Gray Fox Realty. We counseled with them in the late fall of 2021 about how to best sell their home and relocate to their new construction home in another state. We discussed how to best prepare the house and the timing that would work best for them. We ended up marketing it in the Spring 2022 and got 15 offers on their Murfreesboro home. The home was listed at $515,000 and SOLD for $550,000, netting them $35,000 over their asking price, and even covering the commission in full. We love being able to make a positive financial impact on a young family like this! And they saved $14,005 with the Gray Fox Realty Full-Service Flat-Fee Sellers Program. We did all the heavy lifting with the contracts and negotiations and even got them some time to stay in the home after closing, so the next purchase out-of-state would be seamless.

For more information about our Full-Service Flat-Fee Sellers Program call us at (615) 656-8181, email us at info@grayfoxrealty.com or visit www.GrayFoxRealty.com

* Client savings based on a 6% listing agreement. In general, commissions can vary.