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Can Gray Fox help me buy a home too?


Absolutely we can help you purchase a home. Your First, Your Next, Your Last, Your Vacation Home, we have them all covered for you. You will be so impressed with the quality of service at Gray Fox that you will insist that we help you with the next purchase.


How is Gray Fox different?


Gray Fox is a Full Service – Flat Fee brokerage. So the first part of that is similar to a traditional real estate brokerage that you may be familiar with. The second part is where we differ. Each brokerage and agent can charge what they wish as the listing commission to list and sell your home, but most just go with the norm without questioning or analysis. That means you likely end up paying 3% to your listing agent and another 3% to the buyers agent, At Gray Fox we analyzed the actual cost of client acquisition, marketing and transactional costs and came up with our $995 flat fee to sell an average home.

Will I have to field calls or show my home myself?

Absolutely not! That would be putting you to work selling your own home and it is likely your most valuable asset so shouldn’t you have a professional looking after that? Showings will be managed with our showing service and a licensed agent representing the buyer or a member of Gray Fox will be at the showings. We will field all the calls, talk to agents, and once under contract we will manage the transaction.

Why is it more expensive for 4000 sqft and up?

The costs of marketing homes effectively do go up as the size of the home go up. We chose the 4000 sqft break point as in our most predominant county, the average size home is 4000 sqft or less. Thus we can offer our low price of $995 to the average home seller.

Will my home be on Zillow?

Yes, the marketing strategy of Gray Fox Realty employs leveraging many syndication websites and aggregators to get you the most visibility for your home.  Zillow is one of the many sites that we will use to market the property.  REALTOR.com is another of the big sites we use.

Will you provide a lockbox?

Yes, at Gray Fox Realty we take the security of your home and your family very serious so we only use NAR approved lockboxes on occupied homes.

How does Gray Fox save you Millions?

When we crossed our 2 year anniversary we almost simultaneously surpassed $1Million in savings by our seller clients.  While real estate commissions are not fixed, for comparison purposes the $1Million is what our clients saved by using Gray Fox Realty’s flat fee program versus a 6% listing agreement for demonstration purposes.  That is money that the sellers kept and it was their equity that they did not have to spend in real estate commissions.  That is why we like to say we help owners Keep The Equity.

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