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Guaranteed Offers – one thing they can guarantee to be is below market value (net).

If you are considering to sell your home now, you may want to consider 5 reasons not to choose to deal with a Guaranteed Offer broker.

  1. The market is good and in a seller’s market you do not have that many showings and you don’t have a long time on the market. So don’t buy into the fear
    1. We have sold many of our latest listings with no showings or with the first showing.
  2. The guaranteed offers are cutting you out of the market upside.
    1. They present to you the market value but we are selling homes above market value and you are missing out on that upside potential
  3. Low guaranteed offers –
    1. they tell you that you have costs to selling and inflate those because when the market is this strong the offers may waive repair requests saving you more money
    2. we have sold above appraised values even
    3. They don’t want to live in your home they want to flip it for a profit so you are losing that potential gain
  4. Just a marketing ploy to get to your home to do a listing presentation for the listing
    1. They don’t really want to have to leverage their money to buy your home, they will at a profit but they would rather just become your listing agent
    2. GFR markets with true transparency. We want to help you maximize your sales price and Keep The Equity.
  5. They sell Fear.
    1. Improvement costs
    2. Numerous Showings
    3. Open houses
    4. Repair costs
    5. REALTOR commissions
    6. Etc