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715 Kirk Lane, Murfreesboro, TN 37128 SOLD by Gray Fox Realty

Sometimes things don’t work out as planned and thus we have to sell a home twice. That was the case with this home at 715 Kirk Lane in Murfreesboro. The buyer walked away from the contract a few days before closing due to no fault of the seller. So, after communication with an attorney for the seller, we decided to push on with re-marketing the home for sale so we could find a new buyer. We were able to get that done, even in a declining value market. The local neighborhood was getting new inventory to compete with this home so we had to get aggressive on the pricing. We finally were able to secure a second contract for the home and it successfully closed. As for the first buyer and that contract, we are not at liberty to discuss the details at this time with pending litigation. All we can share is that the team had all the documentation to share with all parties to make good decisions based upon data. We have systems in place to document all transactions and that is another service that Gray Fox Realty offers in our full-service model. On top of having a full team behind this seller logistically, he also saved $16,105 in real estate commissions compared to a 6% listing agreement with the Full-Service Flat-Fee Sellers Program at Gray Fox Realty. This is a good example of the dedication to service and results that Gray Fox Realty provides clients. Despite the series of events that were out of our control from a buyer client that decided to default on the contract, we were committed to getting the home sold and saving our client money.

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* Client savings based on a 6% listing agreement. In general, commissions can vary.

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