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Kristin sold her home in Polk Place Subdivision and the experience she had was the best of her more than 20 moves in as many years. Watch at she tells you how she found Gray Fox Realty and why she is so glad that she did. Spoiler alert: She had great communication, experience, and saved almost $13,000 in the process. If you would like to have the same professional level of real estate service in Franklin, then please call Gray Fox Realty at 615-656-8181





Kristen’s testimonial video of a flat fee REALTOR in Polk Place Subdivision .

Gray Fox Realty consulted on the list price and improvements to make to sell the home. Then the professional and proven marketing plan kicked in for Gray Fox Realty. Within a day the offer was negotiated out and the efficient and streamlined transaction process took over and the process was managed to get to the closing table. The sellers were excited to know that they were being provided with experience and care and not just an MLS listing. They were ecstatic to also know that they got to Keep Their Equity. At closing they saved almost $13,000 compared to a 6% listing agreement.

If this is the kind of service and results that you want in Williamson County then call and set an appointment with Gray Fox Realty today.